Contemporary Projects

Princess Zeynep

Renovation Project of Princess Zeynep-A 50 meter steel sail-yacht that belonged to an  international Turkish private yacht charter company.Used to be a 36 meter motor sailor before it was first renovated and given a length of 14 meters in the early 2000s.The Project consisted of an additional above deck construction design and application.

The mouldings were taken from the necessary points where the additional construction was going to be placed just before one day  PZ sailed overseas to the Carribeans.After the charter season was finished the construction that was built on the workshop was placed on her when she turned back .The additional design was including two cabins and a lounge area.After that process,the Project went on with the finishing details and the furniture layout.

The modern chrome construction elements on the ceilings were left as it is,to bring a contrast to the dark classical wood veneer finishing of the walls and the  furniture.It was issued to take advantage of the sea view and sunlight with the big windows and circular skylights.Also on the upholstery choices Project specific light coloured leathers were produced to keep the contrast with the darkness of the rest and enlighten the ambience.Besides the contemporary work of arts and paintings ordered specially for the Project,also antique Ottoman furnitures and valuable pieces that were bought from the auctions were displayed in order to represent the heritage of our history and nation as an internationaly known world cruiser Turkish yacht.